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Nemenčinė Off-Road Triathlon


Nemenčinė is a beautiful woodsy town outside of Vilnius, Lithuania; the location of Nemenčinė Off-Road Triathlon. Since the beginning of 2014 the race gained followers after a successful launch. Still running, Off-Road Triathlon continues to grow over the years.
As a web director and developer my job was to create a user friendly website for enthusiasts, participants, and staff. The website is a pixel perfect construct from a design.

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Blueberry Records

Web, Design

Blueberry Records is a record label based in New York City with Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL as the founder.

The label was looking for a appropriate and centralized showcase, a in-house e-commerce for digital downloads, and a place to hide marketing quirks. Each record release reflected a new visual approach on the front page based on their personality, whether the artwork was edited, a video, placed in a 3D environment, or interacted with previous releases.

Five Step Path - Daily DosesLink

Daily Doses

Design, Multi-Media

Daily Doses is a conceptual EP album release by Five Step Path.

Imposed by a fusion of past and present cultural movements the album's identity, sound, artwork, and cassette format was the result. The artwork was initially explored through painting and further taken into a digital format. Two video's were created for promotion and the links can be found below.

Music Video: Five Step Path - Finally Alone, Quiet ['09 Tapes 2]link

Cassette Promotionlink

Nemenčinė Off-Road TriathlonLink to Logo Time-lapse

'TB' Logo Time-Lapse

Design, Multi-Media

The logo rooted from a typeface that I was developing and exclusively use 'T' and 'B' as they are my initials. There were a few conceptual geometrics I transformed the 'T' into, and the 'B' proved to be a more challenging due to it's rounded characteristics. This is a time-lapse presenting my solution.

Out West, 2014


In August I was fortunate enough to spend some time on the road with some Alphabasic Records friends and lurk in some of the darkest places in the country. During this time I documented the travel and the land in it's own skin. These photos are a few which I am presenting from that trip. Apart from the first and last two photos, these where taken in the Badlands of South Dakota.


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